Nikki and Meyers talkingAt The Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, Dr Joel Meyers is our fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon. Dr Meyers manages and repairs problems primarily related to the tissues or structures around the eye, rather than the eyeball itself. This includes the eyelids, the orbit (bony socket surrounding the eye), the soft tissues that surround the eyes and face, and the lacrimal (tear) system.
These structures can be affected by injuries, infections, inflammations, tumors, congenital anomalies and problems related to aging. Whether the need be cosmetic, reconstructive, or functional, Dr Meyers has invested in the facilities, equipment, technologies and staff training to handle the full array of oculoplastic challenges.

Meyers Aesthetic Center and Medical Spa, is a beautifully decorated and private
spa-like setting for massage therapy, cosmetic services and cosmetic surgery.
Please view our facilities and treatment rooms here. We have a full time, licensed, massage therapist and aesthetician available to assist Dr Meyers in providing the full range of medical spa procedures.
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