Get LASIK Before Fall Allergy Season

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The temperatures get cooler, colors begin to change and football season gets into full swing. But it’s hard to enjoy fall when you have seasonal allergies caused by ragweed, dust mites, molds and other airborne irritants…especially if those allergens tend to attack your eyes.

Annoyances and Dangers of Wearing Contacts with Allergies

Wearing contact lenses during allergy season can cause eye pain or irritation, and if your eyes become watery or itchy with allergies, contacts are almost impossible to keep in your eyes. Rubbing your eyes while wearing contacts can cause the lens to tear and scratch your eye or lead to an infection if a foreign object gets under the lens. Allergen particles also tend to stick to soft contacts, requiring you to clean them more often, use eye drops frequently or switch to daily-wear contacts.

Hate Your Glasses? Consider LASIK!

If you don’t like the idea of wearing your glasses to root on your favorite team, go on hayrides or even just for work every day, consider getting LASIK vision correction in Longmont before allergy season strikes. LASIK won’t prevent your seasonal allergies, but the procedure may help you achieve 20/20 vision so you can say goodbye to glasses and contacts and hello to clear vision.

The good news is that LASIK at Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado takes only minutes per eye, and most patients are seeing with improved vision the day after the procedure. But, you have to be approved for Longmont LASIK before you can schedule the procedure, and that requires you have a free LASIK Consultation where our doctors will assess your eye health. Call 888-702-1188 or visit today to schedule your free LASIK Consultation and get some allergy relief with LASIK.


Is LASIK Better Than Contacts?

A recent study has measured patient satisfaction with LASIK compared to contact lenses for vision correction. The study found that LASIK results in fewer vision problems with night driving both with former contact lens wearers and former glasses wearers. However, complaints about dry eye were common among people who had LASIK as well as those who wore contact lenses or glasses.

The study, led by Francis Price Jr., M.D., gathered patient satisfaction over a three-year period. Patients in the study were between 18 and 60 years of age and included:

  • 356 participants who wore contacts only
  • 448 participants who wore contacts then had LASIK
  • 154 participants who wore glasses and then had LASIK

Participants were asked if they would recommend LASIK or contacts to a friend or family member. The results were as follows:

  • 53% of patients who wore contacts agreed that they would recommended contacts
  • 87% of patients who wore contacts and then had LASIK agreed that they would recommend LASIK
  • 77% of patients who wore glasses and then had LASIK agreed that they would recommend LASIK

Another question asked of the group was whether patients believed LASIK works better than wearing contact lenses; 96% answered that they either “agreed” or “strongly agreed.”

Still another question addressed night vision difficulties. The rate of night driving problems decreased after LASIK for those participants who had previously worn contacts or glasses. “Overall, LASIK improves night driving vision and that was very significant,” said Dr. Price.

If you have been “on the fence” about having LASIK vision correction in Longmont, this new study may help you decide to take the first step toward improved vision. At Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, we have performed thousands of LASIK procedures.

Learn more about the risks of LASIK, the benefits of LASIK and whether your eyes are right for LASIK by scheduling a free LASIK Consultation at Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado. Call 888-702-1188 or visit to schedule your appointment. Or take our free online LASIK Self-Evaluation here.


Are You Photo-Happy on Facebook?

A 2013 study out of the UK showed that uploading too many photos of yourself to Facebook, including ‘selfies’, can make people like you less. However, Facebook also made changes in 2013 to its news feed to make room for larger pictures. The fact is that people do like to see photos of their friends, family, co-workers and old school chums on social media. It’s probably the number one reason why so many people flock to Facebook and sites like Instagram (although we can’t scientifically back this statement up).

The question is: Do you like how you look in the photos that you post – or the ones that others post of you? Are your glasses taking center-stage in your photos? Is there always glare coming off your lenses?

While these may seem like insignificant reasons to have a vision correction surgery, consider this: LASIK in Longmont may help you gain more self-confidence in front of the camera or smart phone lens. Our doctors at Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado has helped thousands of patients correct their nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism through LASIK procedures. If you want to find out if you can get rid of your glasses and contacts, our doctors offer free LASIK Consultations in Longmont to tell you more about the procedure and help you find out if your eyes are right for LASIK.

So, if you don’t want to turn off your friends and family on Facebook, post less photos of yourself. However, we will warn you that after LASIK, your appearance without glasses may have your face showing up on Facebook more often. But we feel it’s worth the risk.

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