Computer userThese days, many people spend a large amount of time staring at computer screens on a daily basis - whether it be for work or pleasure.  Unfortunately, persistent staring at computer screens can have a serious impact on one's eyesight, causing it to gradually deteriorate over time.  In heavy computer users, this is actually known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).  Fortunately, there are a few eye care tips every Boulder office worker and computer user can take to help prevent CVS and preserve their eyesight.

Use the 20-20-20 Rule

For those who spend a great deal of time staring at a computer screen each day, using the 20-20-20 rule can make all the difference in one's vision.  With this rule, one takes breaks from gazing at the electronic screen every 20 minutes.  During these breaks, the person simply focuses on another object that is about 20 feet away for 20 seconds at a time.  This is thought to help provide the eyes with the relief they need from being fixated on the screen and can also help reduce the chances of a person developing nearsightedness.

Work With Lights On

One of the worst things one can do when it comes to their vision is to work at a computer with no lighting other than the screen itself.  This is thought to be especially damaging to the eyesight at night.  For the best results, it is a good idea to turn on a soft light on either side of the computer screen.  Specifically, one should be careful to avoid leaving any lights on that cast a lot of shadows, which can actually be detrimental to one's eyesight.  A small lamp on either side of the screen or a soft overhead light should do the trick.

Adjust Display Settings

Furthermore, computer users are encouraged to adjust their computer's display settings to benefit their eyes.  Specifically, default font settings should be on the medium to larger size, not so small that one needs to squint in order to read the screen.  Screen brightness should also be kept as high as possible at all times.  When possible, read long documents only when they consistent black text on a white background, which is the ideal level of contrast for one's eyes.

As a frequent computer user, it can be a struggle to take care of one's eyes consistently to avoid CVS, but by following these few tips it is possible to preserve one's eyesight.

31 thoughts on “Critical Eye Care Tips For Computer Users

  1. I work at a computer daily, so these tips were very helpful to read through. I think I will definitely take the 20-20 rule into consideration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think that it is very interesting that people should take breaks every twenty minutes in order to keep the computer from harming their eyesight. I don’t think that this is very common among avid computer users and should definitely be made a more popular process. I have been wondering about the effect that computers have on my eyes for a while, and I appreciate all of your helpful information; thank you!

  3. This is really good, because there are a lot of people who spend endless hours in front of a computer. It’s important to try and help your eyes as much as you can. It’s not good to look at a display for long periods of time.

  4. Thanks for sharing this advice on taking care of your eyes while on the computer! I had no idea that it is good to be away from the computer every twenty minutes! If that is the case, then I should take a lot more breaks while I am at work! At the very least, I’ll try making sure to look at objects about 20 feet away!

  5. I frequently use computers for long periods of time, and this is kind of essential to my job and schoolwork. Even though I can’t necessarily reduce my screen time, I’d like to do what I can to make it less hurtful to my eyes, so I appreciate your helpful tips. Many of these things are very simple and I think that I will be able to make them a routine pretty easily. Thank you for your professional tips and applicable article!

  6. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to work on computers with the lights on to keep your eyes healthy. I spend a lot of time on my computer at home, and it gets pretty gloomy in the office sometimes. I’ll be sure to keep the lights on while I’m on the computer from now on, though. Thanks for the great post!

  7. I work with computers all day every day and it really can take a toll on a person’s eyes. It is always a great idea to take a break from looking at the screen and doing some exercises with your eyes. If you are ever concerned about the overall health of your eyes, make an appointment for an eye exam. Getting some more tips from your own optometrist may provide the right solution.

  8. Thanks for the tips, I have the worst case of computer-induced eye strain and I am definitely going to utilize these suggestions going forward. usually on the weekends we keep the lights off at work. I’m going to keep the lights on now. Do they have special glassed for when you are in front of the computer similar to reading glasses by the way?

  9. I am on the computer all the time for work, and I can definitely feel it starting to effect my eyes. That being said, I really appreciate you talking about this and letting me know what things I can do in order for my eyes to not hurt anymore. I’ll definitely start working on these things right away.

  10. I’ve never heard of the 20-20-20 rule before, but will definitely start practicing it! I always wondered if it was just in my head when I have been at my computer for a while and then get up and have slightly blurred vision. Hopefully practicing the 20-20-20 rule will help me with that! Thanks for the great tips!

  11. I think that the 20-20-20 rule is a great idea! I work every day for hours on a computer and I can feel it in my eyes after a while. I will start using this today. My eyesight is already poor and I don’t want it getting any worse if it doesn’t have to.

  12. I work at a computer for my job, and I’ve noticed my eyes have been hurting a lot more lately. I want to help fix them, but I’m not sure how. That being said, I really appreciate you sharing this 20-20-20 rule. I’ve never even heard about this before, so I’ll make sure I start doing this to see how much it helps. Thanks a ton for this.

  13. I had no clue that CVS was even a health problem! Are frequent headaches during computer usage a sign of eye deterioration? If so, I should definitely get my eyes checked out, because I always have headaches after work. Are there any recommendations for eye checkups specific to office workers?

  14. I really like the 20/20/20 rule, because I’m staring at my computer all day. All of my work is done online, so I have a lot of screen time. I don’t have glasses yet, and I would like to keep it that way. I think I’ll set a timer on my phone for the 20/20/20 rule. Thanks!

  15. With most of us using computers and other digital devices on a daily basis, I’m sure that there are more people who are straining their eyes. The 20-20-20 rule you mentioned seems like a really good idea. I’ll perhaps have to do this at my work so that way, I don’t ruin my eyes!

  16. I have a bad habit of using the computer all day long. Whether it’s at work, or at home I’m constantly staring at a screen. I’m actually surprised this is the first time I’ve heard of the 20/20 rule. Thanks for sharing that. I’ll have to try that out and see if it helps take away the stinging in my eyes.

  17. I bet I spend at least 80% of my day in front of a computer. I’ve never heard of the 20-20-20 rule before. I can see how that can help because when I was sitting in front of a wall, there wasn’t much to look at and my eyes started getting strained. Now that I have a desk that has a window, I can look out it often. I think it has really helped. Thanks for the tips!

  18. The 20-20-20 is rule is especially true since many people can also use mobile devices for extended periods of time for work and recreation. I didn’t know that it was especially bad for the eyes to use a computer with the lights off. I need to find a new eye doctor since I’ve changed my insurance coverage recently. I’ll have to ask them if they have any additional tips on how to protect my eyes while using technology. Thanks for sharing your post.

  19. I just got my first job working at desk and will be working on computer all day. I have heard that if I’m not careful, it can damage my eyesight. Well, one thing I’m going to do is go get my eyes checked to make sure that they are healthy to start off with. After that, I plan on using the 20-20-20 rule and make sure that I’m taking adequate breaks to make sure my eyes are getting the rest they need. This helped and I plan on keeping my eyes healthy and strong.

  20. We spend a lot of time on the computer. It is harmful for our eyes. I have never heard of the 20-20-20 rule before. I think that the 20-20-20 rule is a great idea! I work on a computer almost for the whole day.

  21. After reading this article, I realized that I am pretty terrible at taking care of my eyes. I’m guilty of using the computer on the lowest light setting I can, and I’ll often use my computer or tablet in the dark at night time, both of which you recommend against. I usually do this because bright lights tend to tire out my eyes, but I’ll try to be better about giving the eyes the light that they need. Thanks for the info.

  22. My son likes to use his computer for everything he does. I had no idea that every 20 minutes you should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. I always just thought that you should get away from the computer screen for a good amount of time before you keep going. Thanks for the information, I will have to have my son try it.

  23. Than you for the tips on eye care. I work in an office every day, and I sit at a computer pretty much the whole time I’m at work. Now I know that I should change the brightness and the font size to be healthier!

  24. I really like your tip about using the 20-20-20 rule. I’ll have to try that out because I work with computers all day long. I can tell that it definitely is causing my eyes to strain quite a bit and I can tell that they are much more tired when I am done with my shift. I am thinking about calling my eye doctor to see if he has any suggestions for me.

  25. I agree that one way to take care of your eyes when you work with a computer is to have the light on. I will make sure to start doing this but if my eyes keep having issues I will have to see a doctor. Thank you for the tips, they were very helpful.

  26. I’ve never heard the tip to take a break from staring at a computer or electronic screen every 20 minutes in order to maintain good eye health. I also like your tip to adjust display settings in order to minimize the damage on your eye site. I’ve also heard that it is a good idea to talk with your eye doctor during exams about electronic screen exposure!

  27. This article is really good because for most of the day, I work on the computer. A couple of months ago, I had to go see an eye doctor and he couldn’t find anything wrong with my eyes. He told me that he recommended me using the “20-20-20 rule” in order to prevent my eyes from permanent damage.

  28. Thanks for the great eye care advice! I sit in front of a computer screen all day for work and I do not think it is very good for my eyes. I can feel them after work. A break every 20 minutes would be great — I think I will try it! Thanks again!

  29. You said that it can hurt our vision if we work with the lights off at night. If I was going to work on a computer I would want to know that I would still be able to maintain my good eyesight. Maybe I should consult with my eye doctor and get tips for things like working at night.

  30. I agree that it is a good idea to work with computers with the lights on. It is interesting to think that something so small can have such a big impact on someone’s health. I understand that in order to get the best care and tips, you need to consult with a professional you trust and have them diagnose you properly.

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