2016-04-07 19.15.48 It's Kori again, with the game day news I promised from our softball game last night!  Unfortunately, I was unable to cheer them on that particular evening, but it sounds like it was quite a game...ultimately resulting in victory!!!  I will let you get a feel of the experience by reading "Coachie's" (Valentine's) always entertaining commentary:

"TEAM ECCNC was back to full strength with the return of Celina and Carmen. The weather looked a lil scary during warm-ups , the wind had picked up and rain began to sprinkle over the field.  As the game began the wind had calmed and the rain had ceased. Determined to get back on the winning train ECCNC was on defense first.  Defense started out strong with a quick 3 outs which turned into a lead for ECCNC as the first half of the line up posted 4 runs. The opposing team responded with four runs of their own to tie the game. As the few spectators that made it to the game (Judy, Nikki H, Coachie’s parents) watched, they were preparing themselves for a real nail biter. As the game went on ECCNC  began to pull away from their opponent as runs kept lighting up the score board. Mike “wheels” Cardwell decided to keep the ball in the park this week and just get another inside the park homerun by showing his speed around the base paths. Little did he know someone else on the team was ready to step up and match his speed. Juanita “Speedy Gonzalez” Moreno ran like she stole something as she got a double which resulted in her scoring easily from second base on the next hit. Gotta thank Dr Andrews for her daily training as I’m sure she gets most of that speed keeping up with him in clinic! A strong team effort was added by Carmen, Celina , Dawn W., and there rest of TEAM ECCNC as what was briefly a close game ended up being a 15-6 final score in favor of ECCNC.  With a record of 2-1 half way thru the spring session the next three games will be against the three teams that are all in consideration for the spring championship. If ECCNC can keep the momentum rolling the championship could very well come down to the final game... To Be Continued..."

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