2016-04-07 19.17.14 HDR I am very late in getting our latest and greatest team softball update to you, but late or on time, I'm sure you will enjoy reading every bit of Coachie's (Coach Val) recap of their game, Thursday, April 21st:

"After a very long day waiting for the last game of the night to start, TEAM ECCNC was liked a caged animal ready to pounce. ECCNC was an offensive juggernaut quickly putting up an 8-0 lead. This week’s game was full of great hits and great defensive plays, which helped take the focus off the empty stands as one lonely fan cheered us on in the form of Dawn’s husband Darryl. Juanita upped her batting average as she is quickly earning the reputation of a power hitter. The other ladies of ECCNC Carmen, Dawn W., and Celina also hit the ball hard showing no out would come easy to any defense. Although we were missing Mike “Wheels” Cardwell and Nikki’s husband Jeff, TEAM ECCNC was able to find suitable substitutes. The quick start of ECCNC’s onslaught was slowly matched throughout the  course of the game by the other team . The 8-0 score ended up being 12-10 going into the final inning in favor of ECCNC. Much like a Lion playing with its food before he eats it, ECCNC returned to its killer instinct as 9 runs were scored in that final inning to make the final score 21-10. Big shout out to Celina for holding it down at first base and hooking up with the shortstop on several outs including catching a few hot throws her way on close plays. With this victory ECCNC is one win away from making it to the spring championship game. That win will not come easy, as  next week’s game will be a good one being a rematch of last season’s championship game. Hopefully all the members of TEAM ECCNC will be able to make it and be at full strength! …..To Be Continued……"


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