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CONGRATULATIONS to the newly engaged Valentine and Judy [one of our friendly schedulers] (pictured here with Mike Cardwell [one of our great technicians]!!!

Hi!  Kori here....The employees representing the Eye Care Center each week are coached by the awesome manager of our Optical Department, Valentine Zavala, and man do they come out swinging!!  I am behind by almost a week, as the team will be striking out their opponents tomorrow already, and I will have another weekly update for you all Friday, but Coach Valentine (or "Coachie" as he is so affectionately called by his teammates) has a very entertaining weekly commentary that needs to be shared with you all!  Here are his thoughts and play-by-plays after last week's game:

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Although we were missing Celina and Carmen, Last night started off good for TEAM ECCNC.  Not only did we have a new fan in the stands in the form of Kori and her daughter, we put up a lead of 5-0 in the first inning. Mike “Homerun Hitta” Caldwell crushed a shot off the top off the fence that bounced back into play but that didn’t stop him from still getting an inside the park homerun. TEAM ECCNC also used up its one allowed homerun over the fence quickly. In our division we are allowed one homerun over the fence per game. 2016-04-07 19.38.58Every ball hit over the fence after is an out.  Most teams would have been intimidated by the early lead, last night’s opponent was not. They responded with 9 runs of their own. In a battle that went back and forth that highlighted many good and bad plays on both sides of the ball there was a sense that the game would end in heartbreak for the team that would come up short. In the last inning of the game ECCNC came up to bat trailing 11-14. Our first girl up to bat got a nice hit and was on first base. The next batter was the fastest guy on the team. He hit a crusher to right field that was over the head of the outfielder. 2016-04-07 19.39.18As both guy and girl rounded the bases it was a perfect throw by the defense to get not just the lead runner out at home but both runners out at home plate for a rally crushing double play. As the next batter was an out the game ended and ECCNC was handed the loss. There could be blame put on the fact that coachie impaired his vision and was tearing up the whole game stemming from a contact lens eye burning incident yesterday morning that had coachie screaming like a BeeGee… blame could also be put on too many balls hit over the fence resulting in outs after the first approved homerun. .. or too many errors on defense…In all honesty no matter if ECCNC wins or suffers a heartbreaking loss all that ultimately focused on is how much fun each game is and all the things that went right. Mike’s first hit was followed up by his first over the fence shot of his career … 2016-04-07 19.39.46Juanita’s smashing line drives and good defensive play… Dawn’s first game of making solid contact at every at bat.. and as always all the laughs and humor we share on the field and in the dugout always giving each other solid support. No matter the outcome Coachie is proud to be a part of TEAM ECCNC on and off the field………..2016-04-07 19.41.15To be continued…………       2016-04-07 19.17.14 HDR

Dawn is all smiles, win or lose...

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